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Read and explore your code in a new way

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Understand your codebase

Whether you are new to the repo or you have been working on it for years, CodeReader will help you understand it better (or remember it 🫣). Reading your codebase is a great exercise to debunk myths and gain a better understanding of it.

Now with you can read your codebase in a new way. With everything designed around this idea you‘ll feel at home with us and these great tools:

  • Customization. Every inch of the app is customizable. Font family, size, theme colors, text wrapping, line numbers displayed, and more.
  • Browsing. Browse your codebase with ease. Navigate through your folders, files, and from every screen in the app.
  • Highlighting. 197 languages supported. Plus rich previews for markdown and soon for jupyter notebooks.
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Read, investigate, and take notes on the go. No matter where you are, you can always access your code.

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Your repos everywhere

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